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Epink color Cubes


Epink Color Solutions is pleased to introduce the New Epink Color Cube.

Epink Color Cubes are available in 12 popular colors.

The Epink Color Cube is One Quart of Premium Quality, Multi-Purpose, Plastisol Screen Printing Ink. Epink Color Cubes are manufactured and packaged in the United States of America.

Epink Color Cubes are ergonomically designed, value priced and environmentally conscious.

Epink Color Cubes start at just $23.85 per Quart.

Epink Color Cubes are packaged in 100% Recyclable Collapsible Poly Bladders.

Epink Color Cubes are so easy to use. Simply remove the replaceable cap and squeeze the ink directly onto the screen. So simple that you will only use what you need. Replace the cap and store neatly for your next job. When completely empty, please crush the spent cube and recycle the poly bladder with all other recyclable materials. No mess and minimal waste.

Choosing Epink Color Cubes allows the user to greatly reduce the negative impact on our environment by minimizing the solid waste footprint created in our landfills and eliminating the need to wash harsh solutions, cleaning chemicals and other unwanted materials down the drain and into our sewer systems.

Choose Epink Color Cubes for your screen printing ink requirements

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