Saati Textile PHU HR-Universal Garment Emulsion

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All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion.


  • Red one part pure photopolymer emulsion with universal ink resistance 
  • Exposes 8X faster than typical two part emulsions features/benefits
  • 45% solids and high viscosity for easy coating and good bridging on all mesh counts
  • Universally resistant, can be used with solvent based, UV, and water based inks, yet is easy to reclaim
  • Recommended for use with discharge inks as is, without using diazo or catalyst for stencil hardening
  • Can be used with Diazo 11 when extra sharpness is required for high resolution

Directions for Use:

  • Handle under yellow safelight or low wattage tungsten lights.
  • Avoid exposure to daylight, quartz/halogen lamps, cool white fluorescent lamps or discharge lamps.

Sensitizing and mixing: 

  • Emulsion is presensitized during production and does not require mixing.

Mesh Preparation & Degreasing:

  • Degrease and abrade new mesh with Saati Chemicals Direct Prep 1 in order to optimize stencil adhesion; dry and store the screen in a dust free, dry environment prior to coating. For more applications, thoroughly degrease the mesh prior to use with Saati Chemicals Direct Prep 2.

Drying & Storage

  • Thoroughly dry the coated screen at a maximum temperature of 104°F (40°C) in a dust free, dark or yellow light area, with the substrate side facing down to optimize stencil quality. Coated screens should be stored in a dust free, dry, safelight environment.
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